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BioShield Stall Disinfectant – Concentrate

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The BioShield line of products mimics nature’s own defense—it is effective in destroying nearly all bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact. Antimicrobial Peptides (AMP) are naturally occuring proteins. These proteins are the first line of defense in all higher organisms including insects, plants, animals and humans. AMPs are nontoxic disinfectants that stimulate immune systems and help accelerate healing. AMPs have been shown to eliminate the growth of bacterial biofilms while avoiding bacterial resistance. It is a nontoxic, organic compound that accelerates wound healing. Sucessfully kills the HV1 virus. Perfect for large facilities to protect against this virus.

Unlike any other product in its class, BioShield can safely be applied directly to surfaces in the environment without the need to remove the feed and livestock.
BioShield products work to provide an ideal, safe environment for farms. They uniquely avoid creating bacterial resistance and immediately halt the spread of disease, key components to keeping a farm viable and healthy.

BioShield products are designed for both direct application to the farm environment, i.e. animal stalls, troughs, bedding and equipment, and to the animals themselves to accelerate wound healing. BioShield uniquely offers products that are safe and effective to both animals and the environment.
BioCare products are used by & developed with the veterinarians.

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