While Bull Riding and the sport of Rodeo doesn’t seem to be synonymous with SAFETY we do more and more every day to protect the cowboy and the livestock used in these sports.  With the “Born To Buck” and ABBI programs in place the livestock today is bigger and ranker than ever before.  As in NASCAR with the Safer Barrier and Hans device in place, as well as seat belts in our own private vehicles, the safety advantages are indisputable.  The same advantages apply to the Bucking Chute Safety Pad or “Crash Pad” used by the PBR, WNFR, and other major rodeos around the country.  Guilherme Marchi and Valdiron De Oliveira both escaped possible serious injury when they were thrown forward in the bucking chute hitting the Crash Pad instead of the steel gate frame. These events happened just weeks before the PBR World Finals and could have radically changed the outcome of the world championship.

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